Call for suppliers and users of biocomposites to engage with SeaBioComp project

The SeaBioComp project is looking to engage with suppliers and end users of bio-composites; especially in the field of 3D printed products for the marine environment.

Leon Joore MSC is assisting the SeaBioComp project on behalf of project partner REWIN and is focusing on the the supply chain aspects and supports the commercialisation action plan for the bio-composite products being developed by the project.

In particular Leon is looking to make contact with potential stakeholders and suppliers in the production chain, initially companies interested in 3D printed biopolymer products for the maritime environment. Leon is keen to engage with polymer, fibre, additives, compounding and filament companies to better understand the market including quality, prices, delivery etc.

In addition Leon would like to make contact with contractors and customers like water management companies who are looking to use the new biocomposite technologies in order to fully understand their requirements and cost implications.

Anyone wishing to contact Leon Joore to be involved in these discussions should email

This study into the 'value chain' for biocomposites will enable the project to produce some practical flyers to highlight the project demonstrators and potential products of the future for example in areas such as innovative harbours.

As part of this work a SeaBioComp workshop is being organised during the NaturalFibertastic Conference on 30th September 2021, which will focus on the dissemination of the project technologies as well as a discussion with stakeholders and potential customers in the maritime sector.

This workshop will be held in Dutch but if you would like more information please contact Esther Stappe at

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Posted 2021-09-15 12:12:04

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