23rd International Conference on Composite Structures; 1st-4th September 2020, Portugal

SeaBioComp parners will be presenting the project at the 23rd International Conference on Composite Structures taking place in Porto, Portugal from 1st - 4th September 2020.

Project partners Anurag Pisupati, Ruben Geerinck, Gertjan Vancoillie, and Chung Hae Park will present a paper on the 'Investigation on the mechanical properties of novel bio-based hybrid composites for marine applications'.

The presentation will include the introduction of new hybrid composites for marine applications based on natural fibers developed within the framework of the Seabiocomp project. The team will also be proposing some ideal manufacturing parameters and mechanical properties of the same composites.

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Posted 2020-07-09 09:18:04

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