Bio-Materials; Playing a key role in the composites industry's net zero future, 17th November 2021, Warwick, UK

Composites UK sees bio-materials playing a major future role as composites value chains pivot towards net-zero in line with our national and global ambitions for achieving net-zero.

This event will enable all players involved in the development and commercialisation of bio-materials, to come together to review the latest academic and industrial break-throughs and discuss the future direction and opportunities for bio-materials with both experts and interested newcomers in this field.

A net-zero future for the composites industry will require the development of new materials which reduce the embodied carbon in composite products and enable much greater circularity in the composites value chain than is the case today. One group of materials with a major role to play in this challenge are bio-materials - resins and fibres which are bio-sourced, creating the possibility of a much more circular value chain, especially if they can also be rapidly biodegraded at end of life.

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Posted 2021-08-31 12:45:28

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