SeaBioComp Masterclass on 3D printing of Biopolymers stimulates lively interaction

2020/21 has required new ways to connect with businesses, stakeholders and interested parties in order to disseminate project results.

In September 2020, Dr Albert ten Busschen, from Poly Products, hosted a very successful online MasterClass titled 'Large-scale 3D printing of Biopolymers'.

The event successfully informed interested parties of the activities of Work Package 2 and all the activities associated with 3D printing of bio-polymers. The event attracted an audience of 14 delegates from a good cross section of industry and research organisations.

SeaBioComp project leader Gertjan Vancollie also presented during the MasterClass, giving an overview of the SeaBioComp project, its aims and ambitions and project findings and research to date.

The MasterClass was obviously of interest to the participants who asked many questions which will prove very valuable to the future research being undertaken by the SeaBioComp project. The event proved to be efficient, lively and interactive despite being held online due to Covid-19.

Presentations from both the presenters can are available to download from the following link:

In addition some useful reports are available to download including the SeaBioComp 3D-printed fender report and the report on the Adaptations needed to print biopolymers on 3D printers.

All downloads are available from:

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Posted 2020-09-22 11:04:42

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