SeaBiocomp General Assembly and Advisory Board meetings held online

At the end of October 2020, the SeaBioComp partners held a very successful General Assembly meeting which reported on all aspects of the project activities, results and deliverables.

The project partners include experts in biopolymer formulation and textiles (Centexbel and CETI), composite formation (Armines, University of Plymouth and Poly Products) as well as testing experts (University of Portsmouth, VLIZ and Ifremer). The remaining partners include clusters (EuraMaterials and Marine South East) and public authorities (REWIN).

Representatives from all 12 partners in the project attended the online meeting and contributed to the informative questions and discussions prompted by presentations of the results of the various work packages.

A number of papers and results from the project are available to download via the website at:

The General Assembly meeting was followed by a lively and interactive session in the afternoon with the SeaBioComp Advisory Board which is made up of a further 10 observer partners who include cluster organisations, businesses and public authorities.

More information about the Project Partners and Observer Partners can be found at:

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Posted 2020-12-14 14:02:26

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