New report on ecotoxicity effects due to biopolymers and fossil fuel based products in the marine enviroment available to download

For this latest report, the SeaBioComp project has assessed and compared the effect of leachate from a biocomposite and leachate from a fossil-fuel polymer in the marine environment.

The dependence of fossil fuel-based polymers in human society has led to a series of environmental issues, such as accumulation of plastic debris. Polymers made from a natural-sourced feedstock, like polylactic acid (PLA) and thermoplastic starch (TPS), known as biocomposites, are seen as potential alternatives.

However, concerns are emerging as to whether these biocomposites have a lower ecological impact than fossil-fuel based polymers. In the marine environment, plastic additives can be released, i.e. can leach, from plastic to the surrounding seawater and organisms. Studies have demonstrated the negative effects of leachate from several fossil fuel-based polymers on marine organisms, however, to date, few studies have assessed the potential effect of leachate from biocomposites.

To read the full report please go to the downloads section of the website at the following link: where you can access this latest report; SeaBioComp_D3.3.2 Report on ecotoxicity effects due to biopolymers.pdf

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Posted 2021-12-14 15:01:55

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